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9. Q. What are some good classes that I can take in both high school and college that will help me on this career path?

A. I would take all the necessary pre-med requirements, but then I would take classes such as art, music and history. As your life progresses, having outside interests and hobbies will make you well rounded and better able to cope with the stress of medicine as a career.

10. Q. Do you experience a lot of high pressure situations? If so, how do you deal with them?

A. Yes, we frequently experience high-pressure situations, but in a way, we thrive on the excitement and that is what is so attractive about anesthesiology. I deal with stressful situations by simplifying them to "ABC" = airway, breathing, circulation. And, of course, I am always building on my knowledge, staying up to date on the latest techniques, anesthetic agents, research, monitoring equipment and technology.

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11. Q. What are some of the rewarding experiences that you have had?

A. One of the most rewarding experiences is to have someone remember being comforted and placed at ease by your care. Surgery is very scary to most patients. When you least expect positive reinforcement, a note will be in your mailbox from a patient, and you know that you had an impact on their care--and their life.

12. Q. Why did you choose this career?

A. I chose medicine because I loved science. Even when I was very young, I was completely enamored with doctors--how they cared about other people, especially people who were sick and hurting. Anesthesiology has allowed me to combine my interests and continues to keep me challenged.

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